Our Staff

Stan Davis

Mr. Davis has been a fantastic owner of the facility as the newly rennovated facilty is due to his love for the game. As a grandpa of 10 granchildren he is a amazing owner to all the employees and any customer that comes into the facility. Contact Stan today for any questions or concerns you might have at his email.

Dale Wittman

Dale is one of the nicest people you will meet in the San Diego County. You can ask him also anything and he his willing to direct you. Sportland runs in the family as elder Wittman first owned the shop in 1946. He helps with orders, lettermans jackets, embroidery and about everything else. Contact Dale today for more help!!!

Kevin Davis

Kevin is a former Torrero and El Cajon valley alum. Kevin has been at Sportland for over 17 years in the retail and custom orders. His focus on detail and record of successful trascations should put him in the hall of fame. Contact Kevin today for great detail and amazing product at his email. He is a the son of Stan Davis and part Owner of Sportland Team Sports.

Brandon James

Coach B is a dedicated coach at the facility teaching the fundamentals and mental aspect of the game. Check out his bio and contact Brandon at his email if you are looking for lessons today! He is guaranteed to invest in every student athlete he comes in contact with. 

Mitchell Belisle

Mitchell is a one of a kind artist working so diligently on so much of San Diego County team sports. He has been at Sportland for over 7 years and looks to help you in various ways with his knowledge of Sportland is phenomenal! Contact Mitchell today through his email.

Tim Blackwell

Tim is a former Major League catcher for the Red Sox, Phillies, Cubs and Expos. In 1981 Blackwell finished second among the leagues catchers with a .993 fielding percentage in 56 games. Call into the facility for times available for Tim.